Council Objectives

Working to unite the efforts of the Member States to achieve a unified Gulf health strategy to provide the highest levels of health for Gulf Cooperation Council citizens.

Cooperation and coordination in the field of preventive, curative and rehabilitative health among Member States.

Spread health awareness of among GCC Member States citizens within the context of unique environmental conditions, customs, and social and Islamic traditions.

Ensure that all Member States benefit from current health care practices and strategies, and support successful medical experiments in GCC Member States.

Via the GCC Central Drug Registration Program for pharmaceutical companies, provide safe, effective and high-quality medicine through a unified procurement program for medicines and medical equipment and pricing of its products.

Identify relevant health and scientific concepts & issues, and work towards unification and prioritization & adoption and implementation of joint programs across GCC Member States.

Utilization of international experiences and strengthening collaboration with Arab, regional and international organizations working in the health field.

Raise the capability of national medical staff in Member States.

Conduction of joint health research among Member States.

GHC Strategy

The Gulf Health Council’s strategy aims to establish a general framework of milestones and steps to be taken over a specified period of time, and the GHC’s strategy for the next three years is based on keeping pace with the healthcare strategy in the Gulf countries with a focus on supporting the health sector through distinctive services and activities, as well as intensifying prevention and awareness programs for citizens and residents in order to support the growth strategy for the public and private gulf health sectors.

Annual Report

The annual reports of the Gulf Health Council aim to present and highlight the most important work and achievements have been achieved in the Health Council of the GCC countries, and the most important programs and initiatives of the Council that contributed to raising the efficiency of health systems, in cooperation with the ministries of health in the GCC countries.

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