Words from General Manager

Sulaiman Saleh Al-Dakheel
General Manager of the Gulf Health Council

For more than 40 years, the Gulf Health Council for the Cooperation Council States has worked to advance GCC cooperation in the health field. Its achievements in the fields of preventative, curative, and rehabilitative health have been significant. They are a true testament of what can be achieved when all GCC Member States work together to address the challenges that threaten overall public health.

One of the main outputs of the Council has been the formation of an integrated GCC health strategy, providing high standards of care for GCC citizens. This has come at a time of significant growth in the population of the GCC, resulting in a need for much-expanded services.

We will always work hard to ensure the good health of all members. We hope the contents of this booklet provide an overview of what we do for the health of all GCC citizens.

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