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Primary Health Care (PHC)

العربية تحت رعاية صاحب المعالي وزير الصحة المهندس خالد بن عبد العزيز

Primary Health Care (PHC)

  • Primary health care is a comprehensive vision for health beyond the narrow medical model. It acknowledges that a lot of deep roots of diseases and sufferings lie outside the scope of the health sector and its control. Therefore, it should be addressed through adoption of a comprehensive approach focusing on the community as a whole.
  • This is to achieve many purposes: health improvement – reduction of diseases occurrence – increase of equity – introduction of major changes on the health system performance.
  • Primary health care is one of the basic cornerstones in provision of healthcare: preventive and curative to the community. Its effective role has increased in a lot of the modern health system fields. Measuring the success of health system became linked with the high performance and quality in primary health care services and based on its indicators, urbanization and modernization of the countries are measured.


  1. Taking the Gulf strategic plan for PHC as a guide in preparation of the Arab Strategic plan for PHC.
  2. Adoption of Family Medicine and Community Health by the Council States as a strategic option for integration with PHC services and as a basic cornerstone for the health systems, under the theme (A Family medicine doctor for each family).
  3. Inclusion of the basic preventive and curative services in the health center to fulfil the minimal limit of the basic needs to the population.
  4. Organizing and holding a number of Gulf conferences on PHC at the level of the Cooperation Council States.
  5. Linking PHC services with other elements of comprehensive development in other sectors.
  6. Dissemination and support of the mini-clinic concept, the joint care clinics – the expanded health care for chronic diseases – home care – wellness clinics and periodic examination under the umbrella of PHC.
  7. Signing a memorandum of Understanding with Faculty of Public Heath, UK.
  8. Seeking to achieve PHC quality and safety and work towards securing capacities of surveillance, performance measurement, evaluation and continuous improvement and development processes.
  9. Support of referral system and joint care between various health services facilities.
  10. Encouraging integrating programs such as integrated care for management of childhood illnesses.
  11. Linking PHC family medicine and community health for the purpose of achieving coordination and integration between them, being considered as the cornerstone in provision of PHC services.
  12. Adoption of evidence-based health care concepts for provision of credible health services at the lowest cost.
  13. Setting executive plans for the PHC strategy in all Council States.
  14. Endorsement of unified programs report for the Council States.
  15. Adopting the Omani Model for PHC as a guide for the Council States.


  1. Shortage of field research and studies in the field of family and community medicine and PHC.
  2. Lack of budgets necessary for:
  1. Development and qualification of Gulf health caders in the various fields of PHC.
  2. Conduction of health system research to develop family medicine and PHC.


    Future Workplan
  1. Strengthening support and solidification of assistance necessary for PHC and family and community medicine from their majesties, and their highnesses the leaders of the Cooperation Council States towards provision and allocation of required bedgets.
  2. Material and moral support of national and international scientific gatherings related to PHC.
  3. Coordination with other sectors concerned with PHC in the community with regard to their health activities & establishments of a Coordinating Council from both the MoH and the other sectors to manage this.
  4. Modification of the medical curricula and emphasis on preventive aspects, health promotion and the basics of community and family medicine.
  5. Giving effect to the role of the media in introduction of and awareness about community and family medicine and its importance in serving these communities.​