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Organ Transplantation

العربية تحت رعاية صاحب المعالي وزير الصحة المهندس خالد بن عبد العزيز

Organ Transplantation


  1. Increasing coordination among Council Sates in the field of organ transplantation.
  2. Exchange of information between the Council States and the scientific bodies and the specialized international centres.
  3. Increasing and intensification of health awareness about organ transplantation.
  4. Implementation of the modern technologies and knowledge.


  • The Committee involves members from the Council States from among there who are experts in the field.
  • The Committee is headed by the Director General of the Saudi Centre for Organ Transplantation.


  1. The Saudi Centre for Organ Transplantation was endorsed as a Reference Collaborating Centre with the Executive Board.
  2. Issuance of the unified directory for organ transplantation in the Cooperation Council States.
  3. Setting a directory for the executive steps for early detection of kidney diseases.
  4. Setting a Gulf plan for organ transplantation in the Council States.
  5. Increasing utilization from the endorsed Gulf Centre for organ transplantation in the Council States, and increasing coordination in various issues of organ transplantation.
  6. Holding Gulf conferences for organ transplantation to exchange experiences and knowledge and the best new practices in organ transplantation.

Future Directions

  1. Putting the Gulf plan for organ transplantation into operation by the Council States as per the proposed time table of implementation.
  2. Finalization of the Media Project to encourage organ donation & studying the project proposed by Kuwait with the Gulf Committee for Health Education to discuss necessary steps for funding and implementation of this project.
  3. Field monitoring to assess problems in the field of organ transplantation in some of the Cooperation Councils States, e.g. Oman Sultanate, Qatar, Kingdom of Bahrain.
  4. Seeking establishment of a Unified Gulf Centre for Organ Transplantation & utilization of the capacities of the Saudi Centre for Organ Transplantation.