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Gulf Distinction Award for Health Media

العربية تحت رعاية صاحب المعالي وزير الصحة المهندس خالد بن عبد العزيز

Gulf Distinction Award for Health Media

GCC countries have exerted significant efforts to promote health awareness programs. Health ministries and other health sectors in these countries carry out activities and have achievements: conducting symposiums, media and awareness meetings. They also issue a wide range of educational publications, posters and brochures in all occasions. Executive office of Health Ministers' Council played a role in this by issuing Gulf Health Magazine, broadcasting episodes of radio program "Salamtak" (your safety) and participating in global Health Days…

In an age which is controlled and affected by globalization, Geographical borders can no longer be a barrier between continents or countries regardless of long distances. Communication between nations and individuals is possible and access is easy..This has a deep effect on all fields: different civilizations, habits, natures and legacies overlap, sometimes with positive results and sometimes with negative ones..The most important field greatly affected by this change is health sector. This openness presented a great opportunity for rapid spread of all diseases, specially the contagious and new ones..Health issues now pose a challenge for us all..Hence, the emphasis on the importance of cooperation among GCC countries, which have become, thanks to Allah, "a structure, each supporting the other, and the body. If one part of it becomes sick, the whole body comes to its aid with fever and sleeplessness…"

No doubt, media awareness through different media is very important in publishing facts and information and establishing  sound health practices which would elevate health level in society..Therefore we believe that dedicating pages, programs and websites to disseminating health awareness and addressing diseases and issues is extremely important and vital..But the question which poses itself is to what extent media participate in raising health awareness after threats of epidemics and diseases have become a danger to human life everywhere? Is media participation in this field proportionate to their abilities, capabilities and properties?

And how to encourage these media amidst the increasingly fierce competition over multiple templates, forms and issues that are attractive to and desirable by beneficiaries of these media, while health issues may not be so attractive and desirable.

​​Hence, comes Executive Office initiative to offer Gulf Distinction Award for Health Media, which makes a full partner and a strong and responsible ally of all media to support health action and contribute to raise public awareness of health issues and boost meaningful health mission. These media have the abilities, qualifications and properties that enable them to extend the role they now play as far as possible and double its positive output for individuals and the society. Moreover, offering this award help develop the spirit of innovation and creativity for health awareness and media workers,  engage the attention of government and private media organization to participate in producing messages and materials for health awareness and make clear the pioneering efforts and effective initiatives of individuals and organizations working in health awareness in order to enhance gulf citizens health..

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