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Electronic Connectivity Programs

العربية تحت رعاية صاحب المعالي وزير الصحة المهندس خالد بن عبد العزيز

Electronic Connectivity Programs

  • Group Procurement for Pharmaceutical & Hospital Sundries “Tenders' program “  : for the Group Purchasing Department Using ORACLE system. This is the first system to connect the member states and hospitals taking part in Group Purchasing Tenders which allows them to enter its primary and final quantities through the system. 


  • Supplies Companies Registration Program


  • Drug Registration Program / Central Registration Department : Through which enquiry is made about a certain drug (scientific name or commercial name)  and its registration data. The program allows printing required  reports about all the registered drugs  in each state separately. The program was provided to the countries taking part in the drug registration (UAE- KSA - KUWAIT - OMAN).  Also Post Marketing Surveillance Program.


  • Medical examination of expatriates recruited for work in Gulf Cooperation Council.. Special electronic portal which will connect the medical centers for examinations of expatriates, GAMCA offices and the Ministries of Health in the member states. The Executive Board will supervise and follow up these centers, the database being located in the Executive Board and access will be allowed only through internet with special conditions. The objective of this process will be to allow development and implementation of the systems of the departments and divisions belonging to those expatriates' centers, and to participate in building the health information database, and ensure accuracy and reliability of data entry on the part of the centers.

Objectives :

        •Linking centers for medical examination of migrant workers shared database is supervised by the Executive Office.

•integration and implementation of
•Departmental regulations and sections of the centers.


•Participate in building the health information base,
accuracy and reliability in data entry by the centers.


•Equitable distribution of the required examination centers accredited by the Jamka.
speed data transfer and information and thus the speed to take necessary action against these centers.
• Paperless and protect the environment.

  • MANAGEMENT the fund for HEALTH RESEARCHES : finding a mechanism for collection of 0.5% from the companies total awards to support development of gcc health & medical researches, and all related activities for the members.  


  • Administrative connection program (Archive)  This archives and allows enquiry about everything related to the specific department of incoming and outgoing transactions where  it allows easy and quick electronic access to the letters.

  • Infectious diseases: A special website for the exchange of information and the latest developments in the field of infectious diseases between all GCC countries .

  • GULF CENTER FOR CANCER REGISTRATION: Gulf Center for Cancer Registries in the Executive Office compilation of indicators and extrapolate the results and analysis of data and calculation of cancer rates in all countries across the species, sex and different age groups​