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E-Health in GCC

العربية تحت رعاية صاحب المعالي وزير الصحة المهندس خالد بن عبد العزيز

E-Health in GCC

​​The effectiveness and success of any information system is related to its impact on the performance of the administration of its central function in planning, regulation and evaluation of performance. This impact is reflected in what this system provides of proper data and information about the available alternatives in front of decision makers to solve the current and future problems to realize the required objectives.


In the field of health services, just like any other field, the measure of benefit and the basis for achieving rationing in administrative decisions is related to the quality of information provided to set the basis of sound planning for health activities and criteria for implementation and follow up of objectives in such a way to ensure good flow of performance continuously leading to provision of the best services.

Therefore, and based on this vision and these directives, the health sector has to invest rapidly in this field (e-health). Where these investments will result in securing doubled revenues especially that curative tourism only realizes a great income in many of the developed countries in the field at the Arabic and international level.


In this age, dealing with the patient manually is no longer of significance, the age of use of the computers and information system in all processes of hospital management and operation starting from patient admission to the hospital, examination and treatment and billing till his/her discharge and follow up later on is the most significant in all aspects administratively, technically and financially.


Paper work in hospitals become useless especially in case of follow up of patients and knowing his/her medical records and what medicines should be awarded.​