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Mental Health

العربية تحت رعاية صاحب المعالي وزير الصحة المهندس خالد بن عبد العزيز

Mental Health


  • Neurological disorders represent an increasing burden on the individuals, families and countries in all aspects: health, social, economic as well as mental.
  • Community studies indicated that the international burden of psychological, neurological and addiction disorders is responsible for 14% of the international burden of disease.
  • The Gulf community is part of the world acting and interacting. The Gulf countries require larger effort and more effective plans to mental health especially that mental disorders devour more than 20% of the total health service costs while the budget allocated for mental health is less than 2% of the total health expenditure in most countries.

Activities of the Committee

 The committee updated the Gulf Executive Committee for Mental Health (20154/2020), and it contained the following:


Upgrading the value of mental health in the Gulf community, promotion, protection and prevention of mental disorders in addition to betterment and ensuring safety of mental health for all community categories in a platform which keeps the integrity and dignity of the individual and keeping his human rights within an effective partnership.


The Gulf Committee for mental health aims at developing and promoting mental health in its comprehensive concept & prevention of mental disorders for all community individuals through:

  1. Work towards issuance of legislations and policies of mental health which ensure individual rights suffering these problems.
  2. Adoption of strategy to raise the awareness of communities about the importance of mental health and control of stigma and discrimination.
  3. Upgrading the quality and safety of mental care through adoption of international standards.
  4. Setting procedures of surveillance and evaluation through studies and research.
  5. Exchange of experiences and guidelines in the field of evidence-based clinical practices in mental health.
  6. Provision of technical advice to decision-making in mental health.
  7. Setting plans & strategies for raising the standard of human resources development in various fields of mental health.

General Aim of the Plan

Promotion of mental safety and prevention of mental disorders and provision of care to the patients and improving the chance of their recovery, as well as rehabilitation and promotion of their human rights & reduction of morbidity, mortality and disability rates.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Strengthening effective leadership and management in mental health.
  2. Provision of mental health services, comprehensive and integrated social care responding to the needs of the patients in community health facilities.
  3. Implementation of strategies promoting mental health and prevention of mental disorders.
  4. Improving information system, methods of data collection and conduction of mental health research.
  5. Implementation and monitoring management of addiction.


Mechanism of Work of the Committee

As before

Membership of the Committee

As before

Functions of the Committee

  1. Periodic evaluation of the progress made in implementation of the endorsed plan.
  2. Coping with recent developments internationally:
  • Follow up of WHO resolutions and recommendations and updating the Gulf plan accordingly.
  • Coping with the scientific updates in the field to be guided in improving the performance.
  • Coping with and studying related health issues and its appropriateness to and impact on the Gulf community.

Most Important Achievements

  • Holding many Gulf workshops (the last is workshop of integrating mental health in PHC, Muscat, 2013).
  • Setting draft law of mental health.
  • Follow up on implementation and evaluation of the Gulf plan for promotion of mental health (2011/2016).
  • Setting the general platform for the Gulf program (Primary Mental Health Care)
  • Updating the Gulf plan for development of mental health (2016/2020). It contained a new strategic objective (management of addiction problem)

Future Directions

  1. Work towards promotion of mental health as an integral part of public health.
  2. Integration of mental health services in the PHC.
  3. Putting "effecting prevention of mental disorders" within the developmental elements of the Gulf program.
  4. The use of health economics standards and coverage of real cost of mental health services in the health systems.
  5. Emphasis on mental health programs in children, adolescents and elderly.