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Drug pricing

العربية تحت رعاية صاحب المعالي وزير الصحة المهندس خالد بن عبد العزيز

Drug pricing

​​Due to the differences in the prices of medicines in GCC countries, the Health Council - through two central drug registration systems - is working towards standardizing the pricing of medicines in the GCC private sector.

This step contributes to a number of strategic objectives:

  • Reduce the price of medicines for patients and maintain their stability when currency exchange rates change.
  • Taking advantage of the large size of the GCC common market to achieve a strong purchasing position with medical devises and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Unifying the regulations and procedures within the pricing processes of pharmaceuticals in GCC countries.
  • Unification of the marketing of medical products and pharmaceuticals in GCC countries.
  • Increasing integration and coordination amongst member states in the pharmaceutical field.
  • Providing medicines that are available to all, at a reasonable price.


Centralized drug pricing rules:

This is a mechanism followed by the Gulf Committee for the pricing of drugs and pharmaceuticals in order to re-evaluate the prices of registered drugs.


The executive list for the pricing of medicines:

This is an explanatory list of the requirements and conditions of pricing.


Gulf Committee for pricing pharmaceuticals:

This is the committee that has been approved for the pricing of pharmaceutical products of the GCC countries as follows:


Committee members:

  • Two members from each GCC country.
  • The Chairmanship of the committee is carried out by one of the member states, alternating each year according to the Health Council meetings system.


Duties of the Gulf committee for pricing pharmaceuticals:

  • Unifying the pricing of new medicines as follows:
    • ​New medicines must be centrally registered
    • New medicines that issue their first generic version to be centrally registered
    • Standardizing the export price of new, centrally registered medicines
      ​ ​
  • Activate and improve the adoption of digital connectivity among GCC countries to speed up access to information
  • Ensuring that all GCC agent and pharmacy profits do not exceed 45%
  • Standardization of the prices of locally and nationally registered medicines when re-registering, which must happen every five years
  • Studying and responding to pricing objections raised by pharmaceutical companies in instances such as the transfer of ownership, place of manufacture or marketing costs.
  • Standardization of pricing systems and procedures across the GCC.
  • Studying any issues submitted to the Committee by GCC countries regarding the pricing of pharmaceuticals and health products containing vitamins.
  • Developing pricing and re-pricing rules for pharmaceuticals before submitting them for approval.


Meetings of the Committee:

The Committee meets every three months in one of the GCC States alternately.

​Supreme council decision: download

Gulf drug pricing rules: download

Executive list for drug pricing: download

Ministerial decisions on pricing: download

Circulation of prices standardisation: download​